About the Brand

Parfait is an exclusive plus size lingerie and swimwear brand dedicated to helping full figured women find the perfect fit. Parfait designs beautiful, high-quality lingerie and swimwear for women worldwide.

With a foundation in full bust lingerie, Parfait recognized a need for chic plus size lingerie and expanded their sizing into the plus-size market. Parfait’s collections focus on an expansive range of sizes for both core and plus-size customers, including 30 to 44 band sizes, up to a K cup sizes, and up to 4XL bottoms, making the brand a natural fit for India’s growing plus-size market.

Parfait’s mission of helping women in India find their perfect fit establishes an opportunity to serve India’s underserved plus size market and supports Parfait’s vision of delighting customers around the world through its products and services.

By bringing Parfait to India, Parfait is able to help millions of women throughout the country find comfortable, supportive, and stylish lingerie that renews their confidence, comfort, and health.

With Parfait’s full support, India’s plus size customers can now shop with confidence for comfortable, high-quality lingerie and feel beautiful and supported always.

Our Vision:

To be the leading plus size lingerie company in India

Brand Mission:

  • Be the most preferred lingerie destination of India
  • Create the most preferred portfolio of lingerie brands
  • Be the most innovative, efficient retailer
  • Be the trendsetter in Indian lingerie
  • Create happiness for customers and business partners.



Parfait Lingerie India

Parfait Lingerie India - Fashion Show 2019

Parfait Lingerie India - Charlotte 6901 Padded Bra