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Have a strappy, lacey summer with PARFAIT’s End of Season Sale

Just when you thought summer couldn’t get any better, PARFAIT announces their 50-days end of season sale. Get ready to stock your drawers with the latest lingerie collection by PARFAIT, as they debut their End-of-season-sale in India, beginning from 10th June – 31st July. Score cool deals and awesome discounts when you shop at shop-in-shops and multi-brand stores like Project Eve, XMex, Jashn, Lady 21 to name a few. You can also browse through the entire collection on online portals like The brand is offering flat 30% - 40% off on select merchandise. There can’t be a better way for PARFAIT to offer their buyers a comfortable and stylish summer. Since the big discount is going to increase the footfall at the stores, don’t miss the chance to grab your styles before they go out of stock.
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Business World- Online

Why Is India A Favourable Market For Plus Size Inner Wear?

The intimate wear segment has witnessed a tremendous growth over the past few years. There has been a shift in the mind-set of the masses and lingerie is not considered as a bare necessity anymore, it’s a fashion statement now. The brands now offer sensuous, stylish and premium wear lingerie and it is about a lot more than just black, white and nude. Inner wear brands have evolved over the years and are now experimenting with cuts, styles, shapes, material, prints and colours. Some of them have also collaborated with designers to create different collections based on various themes.
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The Times of India

The Swimsuit Revolution

The sartorial landscape of the country has evolved tremendously over the decade, notes Shivan Bhatiya, head designer and one half of the holidaywear designers Shivan & Narresh. What he is referring to is the resortwear revolution that has come to India, fashioned in part by him and his partner and creative director Narresh Kukreja. The duo has noticed how millennials — with their lifestyle choices and seeking luxury in experiences — have given a push to the rise of holiday brands. Bhatiya says: “We have observed a convergence of the bikini and the blouse over the years. With blouses getting skimpier and destination weddings on the rise, bikini tops are seen as more multipurpose among millennials and maillots (one-piece swimsuits) are being worn as bodysuits with pants, skirts or sarees.”
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Buzz In Content

Lingerie brand Parfait hears people’s voices in Mumbai on International Lingerie Day

Parfait, a US-based size-inclusive lingerie and swimwear brand, celebrated International Lingerie Day on April 24 across the nation. The brand went on the streets of Mumbai and interacted with people to know their thoughts about lingerie and the taboos attached to the topic. The brand aims at inspiring and encouraging the spirit of plus size woman in India and believes that everyone should be comfortable with her body shape and size. The campaign has been initiated to break the barriers of body shaming and to motivate women to be comfortable in their own skin. The brand spoke to the audience on different aspects of the topic like awareness on the product types and styles, comfort while talking about lingerie in public or among peers and families, the gap in the demand and supply in the lingerie industry, preference in shopping platforms (online or offline), etc.
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Best Media Info

Campaign Video

YouTube: The campaign video was posted on the official YouTube page of Best Media Info
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The New Indian Express

What are the vital values essential for a budding startup?

For every new business entering a nascent market, it is vital to understand the basic demand and supply for their offerings/services. This helps in synthesising the actual gap between the demand and supply of these products/services, therefore, becoming instrumental in paving the way for the present as well as for the future.Understanding the consumer and knowing their likes or dislikes helps the brand to make the right choices. Any brand’s priority should be to get accepted by their audience in the region they are venturing into. As digitisation takes centre stage, there is a constant increase in awareness. Before entering a new market, an industry survey is extremely vital to understand the competition and trends in the marketplace.It is also important to know the key factors that affect sales and growth in a particular region. The same strategy might not work in all markets, so it is very important to have a customised plan and a strategy in place before entering the new market. At times, one might require multiple strategies or plans in place, so that if one plan doesn’t work, plan B is to the rescue.
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